Whidbey Island March 17, 2023

Three Whidbey Island Dog Parks to Enjoy with Your Off Leash Dogs

Whidbey Island dog parks are a haven for dogs and their owners. There are many places where you can bring your furry friends to run off-leash and meet other dogs. 

Off-leash parks are beneficial for the entire community, humans and dogs alike. Some of the benefits include:

  • Encourages socialization between dogs which can reduce nuisance behavior.
  • Increases the use of parks and public spaces which decreases criminal activity.
  • Encourages people to exercise and socialize in the outdoors which builds a stronger sense of community and an appreciation for the local environment. 
  • Allows seniors and disabled dog owners, who cannot walk their dogs on a leash, to exercise their dogs.
  • Increases compliance with local leash laws which reduces loose dogs, unwanted puppies, and dogs getting into trouble.

Ready for a tail-wagging day with your furry friends? You’re sure to get a face-lick when your fur babies play at one of these parks on the south end of Whidbey Island. 

Marguerite Brons Memorial Park

Clinton’s Marguerite Brons Memorial Park offers 13 acres of off-leash fun. The meadowed, 2-acre field allows for some truly epic runs and chases. After a good chase, a nice walk on the well-maintained trails is perfect for dogs who like to scent. The whole area is surrounded by a fence so your furry friends can frolic all they want.

Double Bluff County Park

Moving north up the island to Freeland we come to Double Bluff County Park. This 2-mile park is nestled along the base of Double Bluff and offers amazing views of Mount Rainier, the Seattle Skyline, the Olympic Peninsula, and the shipping lanes. There is driftwood abound, so your furry friends will have fun jumping the logs and running the beach. One of my favorite parts of this park is the very shallow waters. If you have a water dog, as I do, it’s a great place to throw the ball/stick into the water and know you can retrieve it if your dog gets distracted by another furry friend and leaves it in the water. This park offers a rinse station and a dog-height drinking station. A word of caution, you MUST keep your dog on the leash from the parking lot to the beginning of the well-defined dog area.  

Greenbank Farms

Our final south-end stop is at Greenbank Farms which is located just south of Coupeville.  This working farm has acres of beautiful off-leash fields with breathtaking views of both sides of the waters from Admiralty Bay to Homes Harbor. When you get to the top of the ridge, you have to stop and admire your surroundings. The view is phenomenal. Your furry friends will have hours of romping good times with dogs of all sizes. 

When you’re done with your dog walk, don’t forget to visit the Fire of the Heart Gallery, Cheese and Wine Shop, and Old Spots Bistro where you can taste our island’s delicious Whidbey Pies! Dogs are welcome to hang out with you at the picnic tables too.

As always, come prepared to be a responsible guardian of our parks. There are doggie bags and garbage cans at all these park sites. 

For more information on Whidbey Island dog parks, visit FETCH! A local non-profit that helps to maintain off-leash dog parks on the island. Happy Tails!